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Review: 1 Night w/the ThermaPAK Cooling Pad


I'm pushing 30, which means I've officially entered that stage of life where self-preservation becomes less about avoiding pain, and more about boosting my chances of reproductive success*. In other words: regular health check-ups, infrequent jacuzzi and always a pillow …

Stay warm with Ardica jacket–and power your gadgets, too


Ardica makes a vest that conceals a large, flat battery. It provides not only power to your gear, but heat to your body.

The makers claim it holds "11 cell phone charges, 20 iPod charges and and enough juice to …

Stirling Engine Motherboard Fans Powered by Waste Chip Heat


Motherboard manufacturer MSI is toying around with new "powerless" cooling fans in their labs that harvest heat from processors with tiny Stirling Engines. Brilliant!

MSI employs Stirling Engine Theory []…

Getting Warmer: Using Heat to Guide via GPS

German and Swedish researchers strapped a Peltier device to a woman's elbow, connected it to a GPS unit, and then used five different levels of heat to play a real-life game of "Hotter, Colder." Don't expect this in real phones, …