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Hotelicopter is not real, sadly

"Hotelicopter" is a remodeled prototype Soviet MiL Mi-V12, now filled with 18 cabins and suites. It will be making an innaurgral tour through North American destinations this summer, with prices to be announced soon. (Expect to pay…

Behold! The Triceratopter!

The Triceratopter is a 1977 sculpture by artist Patricia Renick subtitled "Hope for the Obsolescence of War" but I secretly hope its how the triceratops left the planet before the meteors hit, "So long and thanks for all the fish"…

Chuck Aaron, the only FAA-certified stunt helicopter pilot

The Martin JetPack isn't the only thing being shown off at the AirVenture show in Oshkosh. JS Online profiled Chuck Aaron, the only FAA-certified helicopter stunt pilot. He's showing off his skills this week at the air show.
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Three New Picoo-Z: Mini Micron; Tandem Z; 3 Channel Helicopter

My beloved little infrared-controlled helicopters have added three new models to the family line-up: • The Picoo Z Mini Micron, a two-channel model that's the smallest yet—about as big as a credit card. Suggested price of $60.
• Picoo Z…

ZFlyer R/C Astronaut Mini-Helicopter

Since little helicopters remain one of my favorite things, I feel duty bound to mention this "ZFlyer R/C Astronaut" model, despite the fact it appears to be the least engaging iteration of the idea thus far. Instead of actual control…

Vlog: Pico-Z Havoc Battle Set, Troika AM/FM Radio

I made an internet television. Previously: In Which I Melt Down Over the Troika AM/FM Radio [BBG]…

Tomy Heli-Q Mini R/C Helicopter

Japanese toy company Tomy will be releasing its own riff on the super-popular "Picco Z" mini R/C helicopter in November, dubbed the "Heli-Q." Tomy's design uses an attractive clear plastic body to house the motor and radio, as opposed to…

Man Builds Working Helicopters from Junk

Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi, a 24-year-old Nigerian physics undergraduate, is building functional helicopters from junk cars and motorcycles. This one, powered by a Honda Civic engine, has been flown "briefly" six times, never higher than seven feet. Many of the other…