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Puget sounds off with Echo, the first custom Nvidia Ion desktop


Boutique PC maker Puget Systems (Read: Deluge Mini review) is the first to offer Nvidia's Ion platform as an option for custom desktops. Though they won't challenge real video cards for performance, Ion's wedding of netbook-class CPU with a …

Atom PC in a vase


ECS has stuffed an Atom/Ion-powered PC into this vase, which even opens up to reveal a Blu-ray drive. That's what I'm talking about. Average desktop PCs should pretty much just be lamps at this point.

The only bummer is …

Ion confirmed in IdeaPad S12


Lenovo's IdeaPad S12 is to have Nvidia's ION chipset, meaning that it'll be capable of running high-definition video and (old) games. [Electronic Pulp]…

Lenovo S12 the first Nvidia Ion-powered netbook...probably

John Hermann:

Pricing starts at $449, and the S12 goes on sale in July. Ion, however, won't make its way to production units until an unspecified "late summer" date, and it'll cost a $50 premium over the standard, Intel-based

Nvidia accuses Intel of anticompetitive hornswoggling


If you buy an Intel Atom chip with Intel's shitty video chipset, you pay $25 for the lot. But if you are Nvidia buying an Atom chip to wed to one of your own superior video chipsets, you pay $45

Ion-powered Acer Aspire Revo reviewed (Verdict: Atom CPU still slow)


Engadget has finally posted their review of the Acer Aspire Revo, one of the first computers out there that uses the Nvidia Ion platform, the chipset that weds an Intel Atom processor with a decent GPU. Interestingly, it seems …

Acer AspireRevo, a tiny PC powered by Nvidia Ion


In the excitement of putting the website backend fires out yesterday, we missed a raft of new product announcements from Acer, including the "AspireRevo". It's not just a ridiculous name, but instead a tiny desktop PC that is …

Ion, that being a nettop with decent graphics


It's not the sexiest thing you've ever seen, but this prototype of Nvidia's ION nettop platform shows its colors. Bristling with USB ports, audio jacks and eSata adapters, it wants to prove that performance can come in small packages.

How …

Nvidia Ion platform reviewed (Verdict: Put this in netbooks now, thank you)


Laptop tests a computer powered by a reference design of Nvidia's Ion platform, a combination of an Intel Atom processor and a GeForce 9400 graphics chip, which Nvidia hopes will start finding its way into netbooks. (Intel isn't exactly so …

Nvidia introduces Ion, sandwiches 9400M to Atom

Nvidia has announced that they are leaping feet first into the netbook gam with a CPU + GPU combo known as Ion.

What that really is is their GeForce 9400M GPO motherboard sandwiched together with an Atom chipset. The idea …