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Video: iRobot "Ember", a swarming battlefield robot

Like a tiny version of the Packbot, the Ember is a prototype battlefield robot that iRobot hopes will someday be nigh-on disposable. [via Danger Room]…

Roomba Pet: Meet Humbert Humbird


I have recently brought home my first pet in a decade. Meet Humbert Humbird, a lovable scamp who — at a mere three months old — has not quite grown into the majesty and amorous prowess of his name. …

iRobot's lawnmower patents


Robot Stock News has dug up patents filed by iRobot that indicate the company behind the Roomba has considered making a home robot that cuts grass. While it's being somewhat breathlessly reported by Robot Stock News, it's really no …

iRobot to Develop "LANdroid" Mechanized Network Hotspots


Here's your taste of future war this morning: iRobot, of Roomba and military PackBot renown, has gotten approval from military R&D agency DARPA to construct prototype robots they're calling "LANdroids." Each tiny, tank-treaded robot will act as a node in …

Dueling Telepresence Bots: Erector Spykee and iRobot ConnectR


Yesterday, iRobot showed off two of its latest robots. The first, a $100 gutter cleaning robot called the "Looj" was leaked last month. The second, called the "ConnectR," is a $500 telepresence robot designed to allow a person to …

Video: War Robot Destroyed by IED

An iRobot Packbot EOD investigates a roadside IED in Iraq, only to catch a faceful of explode. Better bots than boys, for sure. [via Danger Room]…

iRobot Looj Gutter-Cleaning Bot Leaked


iRobot's methodical quest to put a noisy robot in every corned of your home continues apace, as leaked documents at Engadget detail the upcoming "Looj," a bot designed to clean out your gutters.

iRobot's Looj wants to clean yer damn