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Video: iRobot "Ember", a swarming battlefield robot

Like a tiny version of the Packbot, the Ember is a prototype battlefield robot that iRobot hopes will someday be nigh-on disposable. [via Danger Room]…

Roomba Pet: Meet Humbert Humbird

I have recently brought home my first pet in a decade. Meet Humbert Humbird, a lovable scamp who — at a mere three months old — has not quite grown into the majesty and amorous prowess of his name.…

iRobot's lawnmower patents

Robot Stock News has dug up patents filed by iRobot that indicate the company behind the Roomba has considered making a home robot that cuts grass. While it's being somewhat breathlessly reported by Robot Stock News, it's really no…

iRobot to Develop "LANdroid" Mechanized Network Hotspots

Here's your taste of future war this morning: iRobot, of Roomba and military PackBot renown, has gotten approval from military R&D agency DARPA to construct prototype robots they're calling "LANdroids." Each tiny, tank-treaded robot will act as a node in…

Dueling Telepresence Bots: Erector Spykee and iRobot ConnectR

Yesterday, iRobot showed off two of its latest robots. The first, a $100 gutter cleaning robot called the "Looj" was leaked last month. The second, called the "ConnectR," is a $500 telepresence robot designed to allow a person to…

Video: War Robot Destroyed by IED

An iRobot Packbot EOD investigates a roadside IED in Iraq, only to catch a faceful of explode. Better bots than boys, for sure. [via Danger Room]…

iRobot Looj Gutter-Cleaning Bot Leaked

iRobot's methodical quest to put a noisy robot in every corned of your home continues apace, as leaked documents at Engadget detail the upcoming "Looj," a bot designed to clean out your gutters. iRobot's Looj wants to clean yer damn