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Apple fans denounce Wired article

Does Japan hate the iPhone as much as Wired thinks it does? No, say local experts Nobi Hayashi and Daiji Hirata, who were somewhat misquoted by Brian Chen in his article.

Though the quotes were accurate, Chen lifted them …

Japanese porn moves to USB Flash Drives


Heavily pixelated Japanese pornography featuring school girls, scarily gnarled tree roots and suckling cephalopods is now available on USB flash drives for outrageous prices, considering that Google can instantly deliver all your Japanese pornography pretty much for free.

USB Memory

Space Battleship Yamato in LEGO


After two years of building this Space Battleship Yamato model is complete and it bristles with beauty. (Thanks, Jay T.!)…

Japan's terrifyingly beautiful monster factories


This gallery of Japanese monster factories at night are astonishing: industry at its most beautiful and terrifying. The resemblance to Final Fantasy VII's city scapes can not be accidental.

Fantastic photos of factories in Japan [Bouncing Red Ball via …

Au by KDDI Spring Collection: Japan's prettiest phones


Unless you're in Japan, knowing what the new AU line-up from KDDI might hold will not be useful, since you won't be able to purchase a single one of the Spring Collection handsets. But if you enjoy taking a …

Sanyo Ultrasonic Bath invites you to experience its spurting endometrial nozzles (1970)


Pink Tentacle collates snippets about the Sanyo Ultrasonic Bath, an egg-shaped prototype appliance shown at the 1970 World Expo in Osaka, in which a bather sits inside and is cleaned, massaged, and dried in an "automated 15-minute process." Consider …

Japan advertises Google Chrome

This stop-motion advertisement for Chrome courtesy of Google Japan is so peaceful and playfully tranquil, like an old Sesame Street or Electric Company short. How's that Mac port coming, Google?…

You can have sex with the Muji Tenga Egg


Muji, the austere Japanese lifestyles retailer, something like Ikea meets American Apparel, purportedly sells trays of six Egg Masturbation Aids. Unwrap the Cadbury-like foil, douse the ridged inside with the included lubricant, and scramble. Update: Oops. Turns

EIN Cyber Heartbeat watch tells time through EKG


Although it's just as unreadable as the TokyoFlash variety, I like this white plastic EIN Cyber Heartbeat watch a lot more, which filters the minutes through an EKG display. It is just so very early 80's Japanese cyberpunk. If you …

Japanese gothic surrealism advertises Windows 3.1

Ditch those doofy "I'm a PC" ads, Microsoft. You were advertising Windows far better 17 years ago.

Windows 3.1 Commercial [YouTube]…