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"Twist it, roll it, fold it, soak it." *UPDATED*


Adesso's rugged, silicone keyboard is mega-bendable, and totally water- and dust-proof.


*Connectivity: IBM AT, USB & PS/2 compatible
*Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98SE
*LED lights for Num-Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock
*Key Layout: 109

Laser-cut wooden keyboard


Keyboard pants


Now we know, cybertwerps: Having a keyboard embedded in your pants looks really dorky. I will admit to wanting to try them on. [NYC Resistor via MAKE:]

PreviouslyBook: Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech by Diana Eng

Russian keyboard stones


Spotted in Ekaterinburg, Russia: a keyboard layout of concrete stepping stones. Doubtlessly all the strange Cyrillic characters have been rubbed off by the skipping feet of vodka-swigging hooligans.

Spotted: Literal Keyboard Stepping Stones [Geeksugar]…

Alphabetical keyboard for QWERTY phobes

Picture 72.jpg

Almost 140 years after Christopher Sholes solved the typebar jamming problem in alphabetically organized typewriters by creating the QWERTY alignment comes the Fast Finger Keyboard, which will prove maddeningly unusable to all but Luddite grannies and time-traveling Gutenburgians. $27.95, comes …

Scrabble tile keyboard


During the waning moments of the worst parties, someone always pulls out Scrabble (a game I hate) and tries to win me over from my face-curdled loathing by insisting I must be good at it, since I'm a writer. My …

Pro:Motion keyboard staves off Carpal Tunnel


The Pro:Motion keyboard aims to help carpal tunnel sufferers ("wussies") get through the typing of the day by cycling through a series of set ergonomic positions, never letting your wrists rest too long in one position. It's a good looking …

Today is a good day to type...with a Klingon keyboard


Cherry sells this keyboard with Klingon keycaps, perfect for transcribing the works of Shakespeare in their original language. Like the most robust battle keyboards, it attaches to your console via the hardened PS/2 interface.

HIHIvqa' may' pequ' moH!

Klingon Language

Brando's latest glowing, palm-sized keyboard


Another miniature wireless keyboard from purveyors of crapulence, Brando. This time, it comes in the electric blue backlight of a Tron helmet. There's also a USB slot on the side for adding a peripheral mouse.

It seems like this is …

Cute home theater keyboard has built-in trackpad, but not much else to recommend it


For home theaters, I'm a big fan of those keyboard with built-in trackballs peddled by various Asiatic crap gadget purveyors. I have a Trust KB-2950, and I love it: it's not good for lengthy amounts of typing, and the …