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Keyboard for Blondes, designed by witless

The “Keyboard for Blondes” is a lame joke made manifest in pink plastic. Several of the keycaps have jokes silkscreened on top — the Enter key is “Yes! I Want It!”; the Backspace is “Oops!” — making the whole thing … Continue reading

Early 60’s Mellotron demo video: “It’s a musical computer.”

This demonstration video of the original Mellotron sample-playback keyboard of the early 60’s reminds us E-popping, glitter huffing rave kiddies that electronic music was once the exclusive domain of elderly British codgers, chomping on pipes and cramming pocket squares into … Continue reading

App turns iPhone into ad-hoc MacBook num pad

Numberkey is a nifty iPhone app that extends your MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard with an ad-hoc numeric keypad, which communicates with your laptop via WiFi. It comes with many different skins, from the modern chiclets to italicized numerals of … Continue reading

The Ergonomic Steampunk Keyboard

Datamancer — steampunk modder and long time Jake von Slatt stoogeling extrordinaire — has released his latest keyboard mod. It began its life as a rare IBM Model M-15 split ergonomic keyboard, before it was fitted with the usual steampiunk … Continue reading

Brando makes tiny HTPC keyboard, the spitting image of my cherished Trust KB-2950

You may recall my review of the Trust KB-2950, a perfectly wonderful little HTPC keyboard with a built-in trackball and Media Center controls. Many of you were perplexed where I got mine for $25. In truth, I didn’t: I found … Continue reading

Dell’s new courtesy keyboard and mouse apparently surprisingly great

The arrival of a new Dell is synchronous for the average user with the subsequent contemptuous dumping of its stock keyboard and mouse into a cardboard box full of unusable peripheral offal. But Jason over at Techware Labs says that … Continue reading

The anti-microbial Silver Seal Flex keyboard glows in the dark of your washing machine’s belly

Almost all modern plastic keyboards can (and should) be run through the dishwasher now and again to prevent the pustulent oozing of a fresh case of pink eye. But keyboard manufacturers Seal Shield are the first guys on the block … Continue reading

Optimus Tactus touchscreen keyboard concept art…. now featuring lesbian lolitas

Art Lebedev, makers of the Optimus Keyboard, are now trying to drum up interest for their physically keyless touchscreen concept, the Optimus Tactus. How? By showcasing a passionate tongue-slurping session between world famous Russian catholic school girl nymphets, t.A.T.u… right … Continue reading

Review: Das Keyboard Professional (Verdict: Adequate but pricey)

Das Keyboard, I worked with the IBM Model M: I knew the Model M; the Model M was a friend of mine. Das Keyboard, you’re no IBM Model M. That’s not to say you’re not good. Your mechanical switches have … Continue reading

Giant unrollable fabric keyboard rug

Electronics hacker Maurin Donneaud created this huge, unrollable keyboard carpet for his living room, punching hundreds of holes under each letter to guarantee that the conductive switches would pick up his fuzzily socked feet. Concepts that are better in theory … Continue reading