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IKEA Sunnan: Cheap, colorful rechargeable solar lamps


Tony Tarle likes his new lamps:

My kids found these at IKEA this weekend when charged with "Go find yourself a bedside reading light, and PRICE IS A FACTOR!"

They came back to my wife and I with these (the

Articulated bedside lamp meets alarm clock with the Lamplight


I love this articulating bedside lamp with built-in alarm clock designed by Avery Holleman, although it really does look more like a desk lamp. Either way, a great space-saving design, and I like the idea that I can turn off …

Robot Lamp for dim, robotless rooms


For the room that doesn't have enough robots. Which, let's face it, is basically every room. $30.

Robot Lamp [Urban Outfitters via Bot Junkie]…

Rubik's Cube Light Lamp


A fantastic Rubik's Cube lamp by Eric Paultz. Unsolvable, alas... at least without searing off your fingerprints.

Rubik's Lamp [Go Get It via Slippery Brick]…

Wine bottle gives confidence, friendship, love, light


Simple, lovely, utilitarian design: this Cava wine bottle comes in a box that turns into a chic, slotted lamp.

Wine Case Lamp [The Dieline via DVICE]…

ReMake It! kit turns wine corks into trivet


Tiffany Threadgould's "RePlayGround" sells three fun "ReMake It!" kits that let you turn trash into stuff you can use: there's a Magazine Stationary kit that gives you stickers and templates to turn glossy mags into envelopes and postcards ($5); a …

Martyr lamp by the Play Coalition


Martyr by the Play Coalition: possibly the world's first suicidal night light.

Martyr [Play Coalition via Crunchgear]…

Bracketed USB Japanese desk lamp


Japanese design firm Conof makes these wonderful bracket-shaped lamps with a light that swivles up to 270 degrees and a few spare USB ports for charging your gadgets. There's no pricing available, but these are lovely in that soulless modern …

Dyson Sphere lighting: Chris Natt's Stimuli 3.0 lamp


Conceptual sci-fi cocktease though it certainly is, the Stimuli 3.0 lamp is the desk lamp of Darth Vader, the pulsating hyperdrive core of reality-skipping aliens, the unfolding lantern of the Autobot Leadership Matrix, the outer coating of a Dyson Sphere …

Centipede lamp, inexplicably called "Nymph"


For those that read about the remote-controlled zombie robot and seriously considered it as a tiny, Shriner-like buggy for their perambulations around town, I think I can guess what happened on your side of the screen. First, the flush and …