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Hanging notebook hard drive concept wouldn't work, but one can dream


I love this concept spotted by Yanko Designer for an external hard drive enclosure designed to hang off the lids of notebooks. I know it wouldn't work nearly as well in real life, causing the laptop to either slam closed …

Multitouch laptops "not intuitive" according to Fujitsu


According to a Fujitsu spokesman, touchscreen notebooks simply aren't going to catch on:

“You don’t see a lot of touchscreen notebooks because it is not intuitive to reach up and start touching the screen when there is a good keypad”

My face goes white, my eyeballs bulge, my fists always clench when a house guest uses my laptop

I generally treat my guests fairly well: I give them my bed, I bring them pastry in the morning, I teach them the rules to two games of my own devising ("Is that a parakeet in your pocket?" and "What's …

Top 10 best ultra-portable laptops looks like top 3 ultra-portable laptops in hall of mirrors


PC World published a considered and reasonable list of the 10 best ultra-portable laptops. The funny part is that most of them all look identical even today: this list could make for a pretty funny retrospective in 20 years. …

Dell Studio 15 laptops come with mobile broadband too


While the Inspiron Mini's 3G provider hasn't been announced yet, it looks like it's a lock that you'll only be able to access the 3G card in the States with Verizon and Sprint. Why? Dell has just announced that all …

Samsung X360 to MacBook Air: "Hey fatty! Why so sad? Have some ham!"


Samsung's newest laptop, the svelte X360, is a beautiful upmanship of the MacBook Air. Although it looks slightly bulkier, the X360 looks to beat the Air in every way that counts. It's thinner, although it paradoxically looks fatter thanks to …

Dell announces new Latitude business laptops with "up to 19 hours of battery life"


Dell has just announced a new line of seven Latitude laptops catering to professionals. The big claim is hugely improved battery life: the Direct2Dell blog claims that "some configurations can get up to 19 hours."

This improvement seems to come …

Lenovo unveils W700 for mobile creative professionals


Lenovo's newest entry to the ThinkPad line, the W700, is a behemoth: the type of laptop IBM's own mob bosses might tie around a blog informer's ankle before pushing him off a pier. Weighing 8 pounds, the W700's is clearly …

The marketing animal ark, engraved laptop edition


Gordon Cohen's Macs now display the elaborate image, composed of corporate animals, used by Next Nature. It was engraved by Device Nine Six.

Corporate animal pattern laptop [NextNature]…

Intel's Core 2 Extreme laptop CPU coming out next month


Intel's new quad-core laptop CPUs are set to premiere next month. Official branding? Core 2 Extreme. It's nice to see major CPU manufacturers follow the same paradigm that Kool-Aid, Fruit Roll-Ups and Apple Jacks discarded as "spent" in the early …