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Video Gallery: The Humanimal Kingdom

Using bodypaint, makeup, teeth and other prosthetics, people are succeeding at some pretty mind-blowing transformations. Not to knock furries, but there's a big difference between putting on a fuzzy suit and adding prosthetics and silicone to alter the bone …

Permanent Makeup = Barf


An average woman supposedly spend 30 minutes every day applying makeup, which smudges, flakes, fades and runs if exposed to water and other elements. So, in that sense, I get why we've created permanent makeup. Then again... no I don't!…

Make-Up: The Soundtrack


The mid-90s band Make-Up didn't actually wear makeup, at least not overt KISS-style facepaint. They did, however, wear matching suits from time to time. Either way, I'm a fan. Think punk meets soul.

My favorite song: "Born on the Floor"

Movie Makeup Tip: It's OK To Go Old School


Movie makeup and special effects wizardy is very much a study and exercise in materials science. Since the dawn of film, artists have been been toying with synthetic appliances, pigments, and all kinds of organic matter. Through the years, new …

Blu-ray makeup for high definition hotness

bluray makeup.png

Now you can go to Sephora and buy makeup specifically engineered so you'd look good in hi-def.

Product page [Cargo Cosmetics]…

Official KISS Army Makeup


Each set comes with "creme makeup, brush, sponge, puff, powder and detailed instructions."
$50 for all four characters: The Demon, The Starchild, The Catman, The Spaceman.

Still, I'm not sure these are quite as awesome as the 1978 "KISS Your

Review: Three battery-operated mascaras


Mascara isn't just a tube of black goo that you slather onto your eyelashes anymore. Three relatively new mascaras have integrated motors in them that make them vibrate, rotate, and pulsate. They're supposed to do everything for you &mdash curl, …

Crazy makeup kits are the ultimate transformer gadgets


Multipurpose makeup kits like these have had flip tops, dual-sliding pieces, and hidden pop-up functions way before cell phones or cameras ever did.


color workshop.jpg

via Gadgets Page

From top to bottom: BR Double-Heart Make Up Kit; Malibu Glitz Make Up

A Visual History of Cosmetics Gadgetry


Like the mobile phone, cosmetics is a fantastic example of a product category where the main design constraints are mobility and pocketability. From efficient, easier-to-use lipstick tubes to more compact compacts, we've proposed, then invented some pretty neat/wacky/seemingly-obvious/ingenious stuff for …

Compact (slash) flash memory card reader has built-in mirror


This otherwise generic flash memory card reader includes a small mirror, the better to give your makeup a little touch-up before you load your self-portraits into your laptop. Or if you're a girl, to adjust the fit of your engineer …