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Designer IV Bags

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[Insert Douche Bag Joke]

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Furniture That Counts Calories

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Part of Alice Wang's Chairs for the Dysfunctional collection, the Constant Shaker chair measures and displays the number of calories your body burns while fidgeting in your seat.

...Or you could just calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). I'm burning …

Medical laser welds sliced skin shut without sutures

Presented as part deliverance of our promise to cover more cool medical lasers on Boing Boing Gadgets, this laser beam created by scientists at Tel Aviv University to weld skin shut without stitches. "Doctors know how to cut skin, …

Advanced cold pack works after being cooked


A prototype device from a team at Stanford acts as a super-charged, twenty-four-hour cold pack when heated over a fire and then left to cool. Its purpose? To keep vaccines at proper temperatures in areas with no electricity.

How a

The Sony U-Matic Color Videocassette Recorder will cure cancer


According to this 1972 Life magazine ad for one of the first Sony VCRs, the Sony U-Matic will cut cancer mortality rates by 1/3rd. The rationale is wonderfully clueless on how the whole peer and FDA-approved medical system works.

From …

Electro-occular implants transform blind grandmas into NBA stars


Daily Tech has a great article up about the newest revisions of Second Sigh Vision's Argus electro-occular implant technology, which aims to partially restore sight to the blind.

The earliest trials in 2004 featured a 4x4 inch grid of electrodes …

Model plane enthusiast claims magic powder helped him regrow finger


Lee Spievak, RC flight enthusiast, knew something was wrong from the very moment his model plane loop-de-looped in the crisp spring air. The controls were unresponsive; it was as if the plane had a mind of its own. As the …

Pelikan Sun Lancing Device Pricks Fingers Painlessly


Beth writes:

We got this fancy new lancing device for my 10-year-old son, who has Type 1 diabetes and has to check his blood sugar multiple times a day. Most lancing devices use a spring to jam a needle into

SurgiCount Safety-Sponge Keeps Used Medical Supplies Out of Your Body


Since about a thousand sponges are left inside patients who undergo surgery each year, SurgiCount is trying to sell this "Safety-Sponge System" which uses a 2D barcode system on each sponge and a handheld scanner to keep track of every …

Alter-G G-Trainer Treadmill for Weightless Running


The "Alter-G G-Trainer," a treadmill which uses a compressed air chamber to lift and reduce the effective weight of its user, has been approved by the FDA for use in rehabilitation for injuries to the lower extremities. The G-Trainer can …