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Video: Dekotora Nintendo DS Lite has LED-a-go-go

This enterprising Japanese hacker kitted his Nintendo DS Lite with at least a dozen LEDs, creating the most powerful portable seizure machine on the planet. (Skip to 4:40 if you just want to see the lights, not the build process.) … Continue reading

Gigeresque Aliens car mod

This silver-toothed xenomorph mod job done by a group of energetic sci-fi roughs from Krasnoyarsk, Russia is ready to hit the road at 90mph and chestburst right through the passenger cage of that dinky little hybrid you bought to impress … Continue reading

Game Boy Color mod reads ROMs from floppies

There’s a lot of easy ways to play Game Boy ROMs, if you’re so inclined. You can play them on an emulator: nearly every platform under the sun has a perfectly capable Game Boy emulator available for it. I have … Continue reading

Abney Park’s vacuum-tube violin mod

At last weekend’s awesome MAKEr Faire — where everything was steampunk, apparently! — steampunk / goth band Abney Park debuted this fantastic violin mod on stage for the first time. Modified with vacuum tubes and blinking LEDs, the violin was … Continue reading