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MUG! keeps breakfast hooligans at bay


The "MUG!" is a cute porcelain mug with a knuckle duster for a handle. It's £12, plus shipping. (That's a lot of cash for a mug. I say wait until this shows up at your local Spenser's Gifts, provided those …

Heat-Sensitive Hot/Cold Mug


Charles & Marie are taking pre-orders for the successor to their heat-sensitive "On/Off" mug—this one goes from "Cold" to "Hot" when you add something, you know, hot. Still very pricey at $25, but apparently they sold out of the last …

"Brugo" Mug Cools Coffee One Sip at a Time


The "Brugo" mug has a trick top that lets you tip in a small amount of coffee to cool, letting you leave the rest of your coffee as hot for as long as possible. It sounds like a lot of …