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Video: The DSi comes with a built-in budgerigar, of course

I have been a noted critic of Nintendo’s lackluster DS Lite update, the DSi, but that was before I discovered that the built-in music and sound app comes replete with a virtual parakeet who will intermittently chirp and tweet back … Continue reading

Nintendo garters for gamer girls

For heaven’s sake, let’s not stop here, please: Nintendo controller pasties! Nintendo IUDs! Nintendo Garter [Etsy via Geeksugar]

Nintendo kills the R4 with the DSi

According to long running GBA and DS homebrew site GBATemp, The DSi, Nintendo’s update to the DS Lite, blocks almost all current flash carts from running code on the system. That includes the infamous R4, CycloDS and M3 cards. Right … Continue reading

iGameboy: Gameboy custom theme for iPhone

Absolutely fantastic: a custom theme for the iPhone, vomited forth, Linda Blair style, in pixel puke pea green by the posession demon of a Nintendo GameBoy. You need to Jailbreak your phone to use it, as well as make your … Continue reading

DIY Open Source GameBoy

Matt over at Liquidware Antipasto is making an Open Source GameBoy out of an Arduino: Ok, so ever since middle school I’ve wanted to make one of these… but I only now have enough know-how and support to make it, … Continue reading

Nintendo World Store has a hard drive Wii

While gamers wait for some sort of storage solution for the Nintendo Wii, the Wii kiosk in the Nintendo World Store in New York already has one… and it is amazing. Especially impressive is the fluid way in which clerks … Continue reading

Mother 3 English Patch Released!

Mother 3 — the long awaited sequel to the SNES RPG masterpiece Earthbound — has finally been translated into English thanks to the plucky efforts of the translation team. This has been a longtime coming. Earthbound (otherwise known as … Continue reading

Wiimote enabled whammy bar

Rob Morris’ Wiimote hacked guitar is extremely cool: he’s able to use the built-in accelerometer as a pitch-changing whammy bar by simply raising or dipping the guitar, and he can pull off even more fantastic sounds by pressing the Wiimote’s … Continue reading

Opera CEO: DSi will contain more RAM

One question raised by the announcement of the DSi, and specifically its removal of the GBA slot and its promises of a built-in browser: would that browser be Opera, and will the DSi contain extra RAM to allow the browser … Continue reading

Super Mario Bros. 3 makes excellent USB hard drive

This Super Mario Brothers 3 250GB hard drive isn’t anything more clever than a retro game cartridge pried open, gutted, and crammed with a cheap 2.5″ SATA drive. Even so, could there be any more appropriate repository for an arcade … Continue reading