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A week with the Verizon MiFi personal hotspot (Verdict: The best 3G device yet)

Just a couple of days after getting the Verizon MiFi in the mail, my home internet service died. No matter—let’s just hit the button on this little box and…hrm. Into the instruction manual, then. Oh, you have to authorize it … Continue reading

MiFi puts portable 3G hotspot in your pocket

Novatel’s new range of portable 3G routers turn you into a walking WiFi hotspot, wherever you wander. Dubbed MiFi, they’re unlike standard EVDO routers in that the cellular modem is built-in: you don’t need to worry about compatibility or an … Continue reading

Review: A week with Novatel’s U727 EVDO stick

(Photo: Trancepriest) Novatel’s U727 EVDO Rev. A USB cellular modem is small, fast and works seamlessly with Windows PCs and Macs. Though an improvement over earlier models like the U720, it’s still larger than most thumbdrives and those looking for … Continue reading

Blip: Sprint U727 USB EV-DO Dongle Available Today

Sprint sent us a short email to let us know that the Novatel U727 USB EV-DO dongle is available today online. It’s not cheap at $279 ($79 after rebate for new service) plus service, but it’s the first USB EV-DO … Continue reading

The Tiny New Novatel USB727 EV-DO Interface

This new EV-DO interfaces from Novatel—this is the Sprint model, but Verizon got one, too—replace the bulbous lumps precipitously dangling from a laptop’s USB port with slim little things no bigger than the average flash drive. And then to make … Continue reading