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Oakley Medusa Head Thinger

Oakley exhibits some of the worst product design in the entire Plastic Crap Industry, but I think they may have finally gone so far over the top that they've fallen back to something appealing. The "Medusa" is a $500 full…

Oakley Minute Machine Titanium Edition's Band is Interesting, Ugly

While I think the overall design is embarrassingly goofy (no surprise, considering the manufacturer), the Oakley Minute Machine watch certainly has an interesting band, made from interlocking titanium segments with self-lubricating carbon rings. It's almost cool, but the watch face…

Split Thump: Oakley Still Making Jerk-Ass MP3 Player Sunglasses

The Oakley Thump was never an awful idea—stashing an MP3 player in a set of sunglasses makes some sense. They're already on your head, right next to your ears... But they've an obvious downside, too: you have to have your…