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HOWTO Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven


Remember when I modded my conventional kitchen oven with $13.50 worth of ceramic firebricks? In that post, I linked to a variety of outdoor ovens that seemed intriguing, like the Peruvian igloo.

Well, Serious Eats's Slice blog reports on Mark …

Faber Imago+ Media Range Hood has a built-in television, computer


Sometimes I try to keep it classy around here, but then there are days like today when you get the first thing that springs from my mind's mouth to your eyes' ears: When it comes to multimedia range hoods Faber's …

LG SolarDOM Hybrid Microwave


It appears that "light-wave" is the term being used by LG to describe the combination of microwave and conventional ovens into one hybrid unit, and the "SolarDOM" is their latest and smallest. As its name might imply, the SolarDOM is …

Connect IO Intelligent Oven with Built-In Fridge


These ConnectIO "Intelligent Ovens" may be old news, but I just realized how they work. It seemed rather useless to me to be able to connect to your oven via your phone or internet to turn it on—pre-heating doesn't take …