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OpenPandora gaming handheld nears final design


A forthcoming handheld gaming console, Pandora will run Linux on an 800x480 display: perfect for the retrogaming it's intended for. Getting the control layout just right, however, is a big deal--just try retrogaming on a standard UMPC or MID. …

Slacker G2 portable player review (Verdict: Nails its niche, but its hardware days are numbered)


The Slacker G2 media player meets its primary goal ably: it puts the streaming radio service — think XM plus Pandora — in a pocket-sized player that automatically updates itself when in range of friendly Wi-Fi. Its new BlackBerry-like interface, …

Pandora portable gaming system flashes one huge QWERTY


With the aging, open-source GP2X platform quickly slaloming into obsolescence, the Pandora portable gaming system is trying to step forward to take its place in the hearts and minds of the emulator aficionado.

On the surface, the specs look pretty …