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Atom PC in a vase


ECS has stuffed an Atom/Ion-powered PC into this vase, which even opens up to reveal a Blu-ray drive. That's what I'm talking about. Average desktop PCs should pretty much just be lamps at this point.

The only bummer is …

The Great Pyramid of the forgotten Disco Dynasty


I've always wanted a Pyramid PC.

Now, there are two ways to go about this. One could be Jon Ive-y and make something subtle and sleek, a little brushed metal thing on your desk that gently glows at the peak …

Two weeks with Nero's LiquidTV/TiVo PC DVR software


Guest Review by Reed Savory

I wanted to love this product.  I almost physically needed to love this product.  I love my TiVos and was craving the ability to finally have full TiVo DVR functionality in a Windows-based Home Theater …

MSI Wind Netron: This is what a "nettop" looks like


Tiny notebooks became "netbooks". Fine. Now tiny all-in-one desktop machines of the iMac/Dell XPS One pedigree, have become "nettops". MSI, maker of the popular "Wind" netbook, has announced the "Wind Neton" line of nettops, essentially flat panel monitors with little …

Belkin's PC-to-Mac migration dongle spares you the annoyance of an Apple Genius


Belkin's latest color coordinated Apple dongle is $50 and comes bundled with Migration Assistant software, automating the process of switching your files and preferences from a Windows PC to a Mac... but, of course, not vice versa.

Sure, an Apple …

Latest Asus PC cases ship flat-packed


Asus's newest PC cases for DIY builders ship flat-packed, saving on storage and shipping costs. Obviously not all cases will be able to be broken down like this, especially if they ship with power supplies, but I'm surprised it's taken …

Mac vs. PC meets West Side Story meets Lucio Fulci

Don't let the finger snapping and crooning at the beginning fool you: what starts as a Mac vs. PC pastiche of West Side Story soon becomes an awesomely gory blood fest as jugulars are severed with MacBook Airs, iPod Nanos …

Hardcore Computer Reactor PC puts videocards in mineral oil dunk tank


Previously the domain of adventurous overclockers, Hardcore Computer is now selling the "Reactor", a PC case filled with mineral oil in which videocards are submerged. Because oil absorbs heat better than air, the videocards can be overclocked far beyond what …

Ripple Mini Chocolate is Atom-based, Mac Mini-like


If not for that dreadful, two-inch tall logo etched into the front, doing its damnedest to fontographically evoke the logo font of the Apple IIe, the Ripple .mini Chocolate would be a rather attractive solution for light weight computer tasks. …

Geiger counter case mod


Stuffed into this vintage Ion Chamber radiation detector, a tiny Russian-built Civil Defense computer... running at 300MHz with 256MB of RAM and a 4GB flash drive. Flick the ON switch and the entire rig leaps into radioactive life, wildly ticking …