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Ben Heck's Access Controller for one-handed gamers now on sale


In my opinion, Ben Heck's Access Controller is the finest thing he's ever built: it's not a vintage console crammed into a garish wooden laptop case, perhaps, and thus loses some geek cred, but it was a fantastic solution for …

Microwave oven PC case mod


This microwave case mod may not be ingenious — the PC guts are crammed inside, a small LCD is bolted to the inside of the door — but it's a fine medium of display for the endless looping of any …

The GameBoy PC case mod


This PC case mod isn't exactly artful — it's just a fully functional EPIA PX10000G sloppily crammed into a gutted first-gen GameBoy, after all — but it's still amazing to me that the brick-like hunk of plastic that could barely …

Acer Aspire Predator gaming PC has a nifty front panel


One of my first jobs was standing in a Best Buy next to an Acer desktop machine, enticing customers to select the pocked green-and-beige computer instead of the more staid — and more attractive — models from Compaq or Packard …

Psystar OpenMac monstrosities run OS X


There's a certain demographic of PC user — the sort of guy who likes digging in the intertwined morass of computer drivers and hardware like a neuro-surgeon, his hands pushed up to the elbows in the pulsating effluvia of a …

Passively Cooled PC Uses Giant Heat Sink for a Case


In the pursuit of a passively cooled PC with no fans, Ville "Willek" Kyrö happened upon a solution ingenious in its simplicity: make the entire case a giant heat sink. A whole bunch of custom rigging later, his Opteron-powered machine …

Stirling Engine Motherboard Fans Powered by Waste Chip Heat


Motherboard manufacturer MSI is toying around with new "powerless" cooling fans in their labs that harvest heat from processors with tiny Stirling Engines. Brilliant!

MSI employs Stirling Engine Theory []…

Quotable: Alec Meer on Official No-CD Patches

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Alec Meer points out the inherent rub of official no-CD patches to games that are released after the games are long in the tooth, as Blizzard recently offered for Warcraft 3:

I’ve always found it

Case Mod: Soviet-Era Wooden TV


This gorgeous lump of wood and pure sex is an all-in-one PC housed inside a wooden chassis that once held a Russian television. What a beaut.

Epic House Move [ via via Technabob]…