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The Logitech Mice That Weren't


Logitech is getting a bit nostalgic, but they deserve it: they've just shipped their billionth mouse. As part of their look back over the last 20 years of the company, they have provided this fantastic slideshow showing many of …

Review: Riff Rocker USB guitar controller (Verdict: Sorry, but no)


The Riff Rocker pitch was intriguing: a cheap little USB guitar peripheral that actually ships with the open-source Guitar Hero clone Frets on Fire. Pretty cool — except the $20 peripheral is really just not a good piece of …

Evergreen's Ghoulish Decoupage Graveyard Keyboard and Mouse


Japanese peripherals company Evergreen has been releasing a line of dimestore-quality fantasy graveyard-themed computer accessories lately, including this keyboard, mouse, and mousepad set. For the Horde!

I wouldn't call them "goth," though. Not enough bat wings and tiny chalices to …

WolfKing's Baffling Warrior Xxtreme Double Circle Keyboard


Surprise! A company named "WolfKing" puts out a weird product. This one is the "Warrior Xxtreme," a combination gamepad and keyboard. For a moment I tried to figure out how you would use the two circles full of keys as …