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Hound Bytes is a bargain basement Dug the Dog


I've yet to see Up, but I keep hearing about this hilarious dog in the film, which speaks its mind through a telepathic thought-to-speech collar. While it sounds like science fiction, that technology is closer than you might think! …

HOWTO Click Train Your Dog

This video has nothing to do with click training (that I know of). But I'll go out on a limb and say it had to have taken some deep, deep discipline to shoot that thing.

Personally, I'm all about affirmative …

Review: A puke stain with the Bissell SpotBot Pet


Sometimes, my dogs puke. This is because they eat everything from grass to flip flops to sheets of paper towel soiled with grease. Twice, Ruby got into a huge bag of dark green iron pills and had to get her …

Video Gallery: Dogs vs. Robots

Consider the Fourth Law:

A robot must confuse, agitate and/or do battle with all canines, unless such action conflicts with the First, Second and Third Laws.

After the jump, videos in which robotic dogs, raptors, humanoids, vacuums and other bots …

5 must-have geeky dog toys for geeky dogs


My dogs are stereotypical geeks. They're book smart, they obsess over trivia, and they can be socially awkward at times. If your dog is like mine and gets bored of ordinary cookies and chew toys within seconds, you should strongly …

Review: A Day w/the Zoombak GPS Locator


My pug Gus is micro-chipped. He's never gotten lost *knock wood*, but if he did &mdash and somehow broke free from his dog tags &mdash I'm confident the chip could help garner a safe return home. However, pet hospitals and …

How to carry a laptop and a lapdog at the same time


When I got Ruby six years ago and started taking her everywhere with me, my biggest dilemma quickly became: how do you carry a laptop and a lapdog at the same time? Most dog carriers aren't made to fit human …

$3000 doggie treadmill


If you're too lazy to walk your dog every day, you could always dish out $3000 for a Jog a Dog treadmill.

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Gallery: A Visual History of The Artificial Dog

aibo collage.jpg

Sony's four-legged entertainment bot AIBO launched a decade ago. At left is a figure from patent #6458011, which was filed in 2001 by inventors Makoto Inoue and Emi Kato:

A walking-on-four-legs type robot whose body is connected at the

BBG on... Dogs

boinger dogs.png

Clockwise from top left: Porter Johnson, Malcolm Keilana, Ruby Keilana, Gus Leckart, Mocha Beschizza, Tricksy Beschizza, Black Jack Putney

Perhaps the most important prerequisite for being part of the BBG team is to have a puppy or two. Because we …