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"Pet Spa," an automated dog-washing unit

Dog-o-Matic Washes Your Dog, Traumatizes Them For Life [Oh Gizmo]…

Star Trek creator's wife spends $4m for their dogs!

spock dog.jpg

Before her death in 2008, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's widow Majel set up a $4 million residential trust to care for her dogs*.

TMZ reports:

A domestic employee named Reinelda Estupinian -- the person who cared for the pups

Dog plays Casio keyboard, sings along to his own performance

Porter 9-Volt is a San Francisco-based dog that sings and plays a Casio keyboard. He wrote this song, performed exclusively for YouTube, on the fly. [via Neatorama]…

High-tech mousetrap gains engineer a new friend


Jim Clark made a mousetrap of unimaginable complexity, expense and coolness. Hooked up to a camera and strobe lights, it captured the nightly misadventures of a mouse that took up residence in his kitchen.

There was a humane and happy …

Solvit pet harness lets them ride in a human seat


Next Monday my bulldog Porter and I will be hopping in a rented minivan to drive cross-country to move to Eugene, Oregon. My plan was initially to put him in his cage (just a single wire cage, not a hard-sided …

Kittens chillax on a Roomba

A variation of Last Man Standing played with kittens on a Roomba. All these kittens are just champs: none seems particularly dispirited to lose the game. Teeth-gratingly irritating LOL Cat captions in the comments, if you please, my droogies.

[via …

iPhoto 09 recognizes faces... even cats'


I don't know why it surprised me, but one of the best things about upgrading to a new unibody MacBook Pro was finding a new version of iPhoto installed on the machine. Oh, sure, I knew I could have technically …

A product only my cleaning girl will love: Bird Diapers

I know what Humbert Humbird is belatedly getting for Christmas. From personal sputtering experience, though, I'd add this line to the product pitch:

"Bird diapers? Why bird diapers? Well, if you enjoy having your budgerigar walk around on your face …

Fling-ama-String cat toy mechanizes feline torture

The "Fling-ama-String" cat toy may be inelegantly named, but its every motion provokes delight. I now realize it is possible to create an entire room of cat attention-torture devices, jittering feathers actuated by motors, mousey puffballs racing around a room …

Bird House CCTV Camera


You don't have to live in London to enjoy its scenery: these bird houses recreate the world financial capital's authoritarian je ne sais quoi.

CCTV camera as bird’s nest [P&V via Make]…