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Ia, Ia, USB Cowthulu ftagn!


Oh Gizmo's Evan Ackerman plugged four USB Cat Tails into the USB Cow Hub. This cuddly abomination--which has 8GB of storage--is the result.

Update: Guy Jin improved the headline.

USB-only Mac Mini


Splendid work from CrunchGear's Matt Burns, mocking yesterday's not-so-convincing "leaked" photo.…

Photoshop Interface rendered in real-world objects


This fantastic "real world" Photoshop window, made with actual objects, seems to have been made as an Adobe PhotoShop ad for the Indonesian market. There's also a good Flickr photoset that shows how they put it together.

Real-World Photoshop [John …

Analog Photoshop photo frame by I Love Blocks


These cute "photoshop photo frames" are just regular wooden frames silk-screened to look like a window from the OS X version of Adobe's image editing software, right down to the checkerboard background. They're going to sell for about $50 in …

Top X: Seven cool things Apple's mysterious Brick could be


There are many mundane or metaphorical things that Apple's "Brick" could be, and few outside Cupertino have any idea what it is. But we all know what we'd like it to be, right? Come Apple's October surprise, perhaps we'll be …

Modern games go GameBoy


A wonderful Photoshop contest over at the Pixelation forums: modern video games go pea soup GameBoy, with entries (among others) for Guitar Hero, BioShock, ICO, Okami, Sam & Max and Flashback. This one is Bioshock... I would play …

Mariah Carey is made of discarded robot parts


An astonishing Elle cover is up at the ever-amazing Photoshop disasters blog, making Mariah Carey look like something cobbled together from a dumpsterful of broken gynoids, unscrewing its own head.

Gawker wonders why such madness can happen somewhere like Elle

Another nice Texas Instruments Photoshop: Elephant and head-explode girl send their greetings from the savannah


At the risk of turning Boing Boing Gadgets into a tech-themed rip-off of Photoshop Disasters, non-Euclidean sharks are just the tip of Texas Instruments' swollen-tongue in regards to their doofusism in the art of image manipulation. This image was …

Ha! Nice Photoshop, Texas Instruments... Beware Non-Euclidean Sharks!


lolwut? In what physical dimension is this scene set? The fifth? The sixth? The ninth? Or is the implication that your new 3D projector runs on magic? Because nothing in this newly released promotional image for your latest product takes …

Logitech ad full of photoshop horror


Gadget layout not advertising-optimal? Just do strange photoshop things with it, and hope no-one notices.

Logitech: Honey Where's The VT Remote? [Photoshop Disasters]…