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PlayStation in a LEGO castle

Max Maruszewski ripped the guts out of a vintage PlayStation and ensconced them into the dimpled, polychromatic plastic lining of a home-built LEGO case. It’s not exactly a Ben Heck caliber hack, requiring devious intricacy on the part of the … Continue reading

Peter Moore on the death of Dreamcast and the console wars

The Guardian’s Keith Stuart has posted two parts of a fascinating and candid interview with Peter Moore: head of Sega of America during the Dreamcast years, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division and current president of EA Sports. The whole thing … Continue reading

WipEout game too seizure-inducing; sadly redesigned

Surely I am not the only one to think, upon hearing news that the Playstation Network game WipEout HD is being retooled after failing tests that measure its ability to trigger epileptic seizure — “I really, really want to play … Continue reading

Amazing Unlicensed Backport of Final Fantasy VII…to the NES

Cinnamon Pirate discovered an unlicensed version of Final Fantasy VII for the original NES/Famicom. That’s more than just a knock-off—it’s an act of true skill and commitment by an unknown team of Chinese coders. Not everything made the transition from … Continue reading

Nissan GT-R Cockpit Display Gets Videogame Touch

The integrated control screen in the dashboard of the upcoming Nissan GT-R was developed in conjunction with Polyphony Digital, whose work you may know as the creators of the Gran Turismo series of racing games on the Sony Playstation. Every … Continue reading

Rock Band Coming to PS2, More Songs Announced

Exciting news for Playstation 2 owners: Rock Band, the upcoming rhythm game from Harmonix, creators of Guitar Hero, is set to hit Sony’s aging but still supremely well-distributed console. Previously, Rock Band had only been announced for current generation systems … Continue reading