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Apple sees junta of conspirators behind Psystar

Oh, Apple. Always seeing a conspiracy everywhere! The spying cogwork vermin of the Illuminati scurry in the corners, controlled by the machinations of the murky, omnipresent Man.

The latest junta of bogeymen Apple descry? A conclave of mysterious accomplices …

Competition: Invent a new law to apply to Apple-Psystar case

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World of Apple's Dizzle again excoriates bloggers for making things up based on their misunderstandings of legal minutiae.

AppleInsider went so far as to state: "Last month, it was reported that Apple and Psystar had agreed to pursue a

The first Macs to offer Blu-Ray are made by... Psystar?


Steve Jobs may have described Blu-Ray as a big bag of hurt, but Mac clone maker Psystar has decided to incorporate Blu-Ray drives into its line ofOpenPro desktops... even as they face being bludgeoned to deathwith a huge sack of …

Yup, Psystar will sue Apple for anti-trust violations

Oh, Psystar. You're like Tyler Durden in Fight Club, giggling up blood and spitting teeth all over Apple's Lou. We love you so much. As predicted, they are fighting Apple's lawsuit by going anti-trust.

Miami-based Psystar, owned by Rudy

Psystar eggs Apple on, releases Leopard Restore Disc to customers


Psystar is crazy like a fox. Apple's attorneys are currently pummeling the plucky "Open Computer" manufacturers for their Mac clones, and while Psystar have hired some anti-trust attorneys of their own to fight them off, the general impression is of …

Psystar will allege Apple antitrust

They once looked like the swollen-tongued simpletons of the Internet-order hardware world, but it certainly does continue to look like Psystar's had a plan from the start. That plan begins with an A:

One of the attorneys hired by Psystar

Psystar hires Apple-killing attorneys

Conventional wisdom seemed to dictate that as soon as Apple filed a lawsuit against Psystar, Psystar was going to start sneezing hemoglobin and teeth. But Psystar's being surprisingly resilient. They've just hired an attorney, and it doesn't appear to be …

Open Tech announces Mac clones, sidesteps Psystar's mistakes


Psystar's corpse hasn't even stopped twitching and draining fluids yet, but that's not going to stop Open Tech Computing from releasing their own bare bones Mac clones. But unlike Psystar, it looks like Open Tech won't going to slap a …

How the Psystar lawsuit might go very, very wrong... for Apple

The general feeling is that when (or even if) Psystar meets Apple in court, Apple will rip out Psystar's fluid-spurting spine in what in dry legal terminology might be described as a Mortal Kombat style fatality. But CNet's Don Reisinger …

Apple finally — FINALLY — sues Psystar


No surprise here: Apple just sued Psystar, makers of bargain-basement Mac clones. The lawsuit's charges are predictable: violation of Apple's shrink wrap license and trademark / copyright infringement.

The timing of the lawsuit's interesting: it appears that Apple was waiting …