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ReMake It! kit turns wine corks into trivet

Tiffany Threadgould's "RePlayGround" sells three fun "ReMake It!" kits that let you turn trash into stuff you can use: there's a Magazine Stationary kit that gives you stickers and templates to turn glossy mags into envelopes and postcards ($5); a…

Spent Tesla Roadster Batteries Still Have Some Life Left in Them

What happens to the Tesla electric car's rather sizable lithium-ion battery pack? Treehugger reports that they are first handed off to reused in areas where a less-than-perfect pack can still be useful, like "off-grid backup or load leveling." And if…

LINC: Concept Phone Accounts for Our Inevitable Antipathy

The "LINC" is a mobile phone concept has one particularly novel idea at heart: the device is built with a one-year lifecycle in mind, designed to be easily recycled every year as upgraded versions become available. This mythical device would…

Tip: Check for Recalls on Broken Gear

Here's a smart reminder from Wisebread: If your gadget is broken, check for a recall before recycling it.
At any rate, he was right. I Googled the maker (Toshiba) and the model number (SD-3980SU2), and immediately came up with

Pulp Pitchers from Waste Paper

Dutch designer Jo Meesters has made this collection of vases and water pitchers made from cast-off waste paper mixed with epoxy and polyurethane. That might affect the ability for these to be recycled again, but I'm actually less interested in…, Another Repair/Recycling Joint

The New York Times blogger Brad Stone profiles "," a nice little recycling and repair shop that specializes in iPods, iPhones, and game consoles.
Mr. Mosley pays anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending

ReMade: Recycling for Retail

Core77 points out a great program coming out of Western Washington University called "ReMade," which put industrial design students up to discovering ways to turn industrial and commercial trash into a salable, retail products. The sushi roller from bike spokes…

Costco Electronics Recycling and Trade-In Program

Costco has partnered with GreenSight to offer an easy trade-in program for gadgets and other electronics. Use the web-based calculator to determine the value of your product, send in the item (with free shipping for the moment), and once received…

How to Recycle or Resell Your Gadgets

Earth2Tech has a great post about ethical ways to recycle your gadgetry. Bookmark this one!
SecondRotation, a site that will sell your old electronics on eBay (EBAY), said this week that they will be accepting older, “worthless” gadgets to recycle

Ecologic Designs: Making Gear Out of Trash

ecologicdesigns.jpgMy first pessimistic thought upon seeing the products from "Ecologic Designs," who crafts sports gear (partially) from reclaimed materials like tire inner tubes: How would one recycle the Ecologic products? But whatever! Making things out of a older things is…