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Convert documents to toilet paper in the comfort of your office


What office worker wouldn't love this machine from Tokyo's Nakabayashi company, which converts regular office paper into toilet paper. The $95,000 machine, which is designed to be kept in an office, coverts 1,800 sheets of A4 paper into two …

Community incinerator turns slum garbage into cooking heat


AfriGadget takes a look at a clever garbage incinerator deployed in Kibera, Kenya, that turns waste fuel and garbage into cooking heat for residents. The design of the furnace actually allows plastics and other waste to be burnt without releasing …

Look at me still talking when there's recycling to do: Ovetto Recycling Eggs


The Ovetto Recycling Egg is an expensive, dual-slot trash can that, for $250, allows for the separation of plastic and aluminum in one receptacle... a goal which can just as easily be accomplished for the price of a couple $5 …

Does Sennheiser use this cardboard packaging? (If they don't, they should)


We can't figure out if this packaging for the Sennhesier CX 300 headphones — made entirely of cardboard — is real or just a design prototype. Clearly previous CX 300 were packaged in the typical hard plastic shell, but …

Taking hammers to unsold Canon cameras, lenses


There's a lot of purportedness in this photoset: is this pile of Canon cameras really worth half-a-million dollars? Were they really damaged during shipping, forcing the company to destroy them all before they hit the grey market? Was there really …

Extracting metals from old electronics

Reuters reports on "urban mining," a fancy way of describing folks who drop old cell phones in chemicals by the ton, melt away everything plastic, and then harvest the gold, silver, and copper that remains.

Eco-System, established 20 years ago

Selling wine in TetraPak containers


A wine importer is selling a Malbec grape wine called "Yellow + Blue" in TetraPak, a container familiar to many in the UK for its use in drink boxes. Dr. Vino took a look:

The facility in Toronto is also

Citizens still tossing too many electronics in the trash

According to an in-depth report from Reuters, people are still throwing far too many of their gadgets in the trash:

But while the percentage of old electronics thrown in the trash can dropped to 19 percent in 2007 from 21

Recycler Now Buying Cell Phones, the company that buys broken iPods, iPhones, and game consoles, has now added most cell phones to their line up. just added Cell Phones to our growing list of items that we purchase broken and used. For example;

Leaf Bowls of India


This post from Wan Yan Ling on Serious Eats about disposable bowls made of leaves makes me wistful for something like this in my country, although I'm sure it'd never get past the FDA. The imagery of completely environmentally kosher …