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Must Read Piece on e-Waste and Phone Recycling

I almost missed this piece from the Times Magazine about cellphone recycling. I'm glad I didn't. It makes me very glad to see that someone is out there reclaiming all those metals.
The Belgian company Umicore is in the business

Follow-Up: Greenpeace Says Nintendo Didn't Respond to E-Waste Queries

A couple days ago, I questioned some of the methods behind the "Guide to Greener Electronics" issues by Greenpeace, pointing out what appeared to be inequities towards Nintendo (who scored a 0 out of 10) for the sake of dramatic…

Recycline Razors Made from Yogurt Cups

The "Preserve" plastic razors are made from 100% recycled plastics (in the handle), 65% of which is harvested from old Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups. If your local recycler takes #5 plastics you can drop it off there when you're done…

Greenpeace Takes Electronics Companies to Task, But Are They Fair?

I've been mulling Greenpeace's "Guide to Greener Electronics" since its release yesterday, especially its ranking of Nintendo, who scores a zero out of a possible ten. On the one hand I appreciate their attempts to hold electronics companies to high…

Perils of Electronics Recycling

Ugh. From an AP article about electronic recycling:
Most Americans think they're helping the earth when they recycle their old computers, televisions and cell phones. But chances are they're contributing to a global trade in electronic trash that endangers workers

Doggie Dooley Turns Pet Waste into Lawn Food

The "Doggie Dooley" is a "miniature septic tank" for your dog's special presents. A galvanized steel bucket with a plastic top, the Doogie Dooley is placed in a hole in your yard, filled with waste, water, and a packet of…

BioPro 190: At-Home Biodiesel Production

Toolmonger has discovered this killer biodiesel machine that's small enough to be used at home and runs on regular household 110-volt power. It costs $7,500 and requires you keep methanol and sulfuric acid on hard (and source oil, of course),…