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Sony and the Missed Opportunity of the PlayStation 3 Remote


Danilo Campos really doesn't like the PlayStation 3 remote control. Who can blame him?

Danilo Campos – Proof of Sony’s indifference to my happiness: the PlayStation 3 remote control.

The vaunted role of “digital hub,” the central spot in the …

Remote-control touchpad


Behold this thingy, which combines three useful items in a tiny remote control the size of a PC card: a touchpad, media playback controls, and a laser pointer.

It's battery lasts for just 4 hours, unfortunately, thanks to the otherwise …

Gel Remote Control


Soft and milky, Adbusters' Gel Remote looks .... delicious, frankly!

Psychodesign [adbusters via Next Nature]…

Cyber Commander flash remote for DSLRs


Cyber Commander is a radio remote control for camera flashes. It's got tons of features in its $180 price — the ability to control up to sixteen lights from up to 400 feet away, including not just triggering their flash …

iTunes Remote App coming unofficially to Android

Jeff Sharkey — winner of the $275k Android Developer Challenge — has already managed to reverse engineer one of the iPhone's most killer apps and release it for the Android platform. This raises the G1 up a notch in my …

iPhone 2.0 firmware features snazzy little remote app


One of the delicious new freebies in the iPhone 2.0 software update: a lovely little app that will turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control for your Apple TV or within iTunes. It works over WiFi and …

Tiny universal remote on a keychain from Sourcing Map

sourcingmapunvi.jpg is the latest online crapvendor to assault my inbox, very much in the vein. I'm going to give them a link, specifically to this keychain-sized universal remote that's just $8, shipped, but don't make me regret it, Sourcing …

Messiah Darklite DVD Remote for Playstation 3


The "Darklite" DVD remote is a surprisingly nice-looking piece of kit, putting the most commonly used functions on the outside while saving secondary buttons for a slide-out keypad. It doesn't even use batteries, instead recharging via USB. (Although I suspect …