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The Facebook Username Debacle

Anil Dash:

June 13, 4:04pm: A white guy named David discovers every variation of his name on Facebook is already taken, and finally reconsiders the condescending contempt he's always had for black people who give their kids unique names.

Review: 1 Night w/the ThermaPAK Cooling Pad


I'm pushing 30, which means I've officially entered that stage of life where self-preservation becomes less about avoiding pain, and more about boosting my chances of reproductive success*. In other words: regular health check-ups, infrequent jacuzzi and always a pillow …

HOWTO Sell Surf Wax [Hint: Make It Sexually Explicit]

quick humps.jpg

How do sell a product to a bunch of kids who won't even use it? SEX.

Growing up, all my friends had stickers for Mr. Zogs Sex Wax plastered on our binders, folders and skateboards -- even though a …

Mechaphilia: Whatever revs your engine


Edward Smith is a mechaphiliac who claims to have had sex with 1,000 cars. He's currently dating a VW Bug named "Vanilla". [Telegraph via Jalopnik]…

Online dating in war zones

USA Today (via Danger Room):

"It always amazes me when I think about how I had to go to Iraq to meet the person I would be with back in the United States," says Jonathan Stoddard, 26, who met

The interior design of '70s Danish pornography


A blogger has excerpted decor and fashion highlights from '70s Danish print pornography in such a way as to make them more-or-less safe for work. The above example is probably not the most illustrative of the collection, which is more …

How drugs and technology help attain motherhood


Some people want to be moms--really badly--but it's hard for them to get pregnant. Alison*, a San Francisco web designer, thinks about it every day. "My ambition in life is to be a mom," she says. "My career is secondary." …

A history of Star Trek porn


From Sex Trek: The Next Penetration and Deep Space Sixty Nine to, a fetish site [NSFW], the galaxy of Trek porn has continued to, uh, grow.

io9 compiled a fascinating guide with vids, pics and links [again NSFW]. Some …

SteamVibe: "Stainless steel, brass and awesome."


The name of Ani Niow's SteamVibe suggests. Catching sight of the thing itself sends an eyebrow heaven-ward. Finally, the name of the Flickr set sweeps away any remaining ambiguity: steampunk vibrator.

You're probably asking, does it really work?

Tantra chair, for people who love sex

tantra chair.jpg

If you love sex but can't find the perfect furniture to do it on, get the Tantra Chair. The web site has a very graphic, NSFW guide on different positions you can try on it. It's $1199, but the things …