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Magnetique Shelves great for holding the gadgets you don't want


They say that technology is lifeless silicon and plastic. And yet the piles of it around my desk–the creeping kipple that surrounds every tech writer–seem to fester like a mountain of meat. This is the stuff that comes unsolicited to …

30 Great Shelving Ideas


While I can often resist round-up posts for the linkbait they are, Freshome's "30 Most Creative Bookshelves" post hits me right where I live. (My house, durr.) If I weren't leaving my apartment in a few months I'd consider …

'Magnetique' Adjustable Shelf; 'Storyline' Sound Wave Shelf


Freshome has two appealing sets of shelves up for perusal today: the first, "Magnetique," allows you to easily stick plywood boxes to a long strip of sheet metal using magnets; the second, "Storyline," translates the audio waveform of a word …

Pottery Barn's Simple Speaker Shelf


How good this "Ultimate Display Speaker Shelf" sounds is anybody's guess, but it's only eighty bucks and looks better than every other iPod dock on the market. A winner!

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Quad Shelves by Nauris Kalinauskas


Just like some people can't imagine spending two grand on an HDTV, I can't imagine spending two grand on something made out of wood that doesn't have an outboard motor attached. And in this case, if I really wanted this …