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It could take more than 20 hours to perform an upgrade installation of Windows 7. But for most, it'll take about two or three. [Chris Hernandez]…

Fake Steve on David Pogue's curiously effusive Snow Leopard review

Just to be clear: This is absolutely not because David Pogue makes most of his money by writing "missing manuals" and other Mac-related user guides. Like this one, and this one, both of them for ... wait for

No, you don't need a new one

I love Anil Dash's website, "Last Year's Model," which reminds us that the best gadgets are most likely the ones we already have.…



$400 Hackintosh netbook reviewed. It's good!

Gizmodo's Mark Wilson laments that by reviewing Macwind's preconfigured MSI netbook, he may have doomed it.

New Xacti's in Japan


Akihabara News has the details. …

Christian social networkers' accounts hacked

Remember how some schools have told students to give them their social networking passwords? Here's why that sort of thing is a bad idea: one college got hacked, the list stolen, and the students' accounts ravished with obscene uploads and



The Herring-lights of old London

In Victorian London, two scientist-entrepreneurs set out to use the bioluminescence of dead fish to light the streets. [BLBGBLOG]…