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Power On Self Test: LED culture


Creator: Augustson

A space invader, short and stout


[Vesselideation via Gamer Grrlz via Technabob and Gizmodo]…



They're making robotic sunflowers now [Crunchgear]…

Microsoft bilking customers on hard drives

Gizmodo's Mark Wilson, on how Microsoft is shamelessly reaming its customers. It charges $160 for a 120GB hard drive, doesn't offer hard drives in modern capacities, and even takes measures to prevent you from using them.

Inside that plastic

Reminder: A few weeks back we reviewed the Touch Pro 2, out this week on T-Mobile for $350 w/contract.…

Carving steel with electricity

Picture 1.jpg

Enjoy this insane contraption over at BB Video: "Theo Gray, columnist and "Mad Science" author, shows us how to perform DIY electrochemical machining with homemade gadgets."…

Yes, you would like to listen to obscure Finnish techno music performed on hacked synthesizers.…

Fancy parking meters hacked

Xeni over on the front door:

A group of tinkerers and security researchers announced findings that prove it is possible to bypass the controls of "e-meter" parking meters -- which means it's possible to park for free where such meters

Apple kills Google Voice on iPhone

Jason Kinkaid at Techcrunch:

The company that once made record labels bow to a flat 0.99 pricing structure for years longer than they would have liked is now screwing customers because AT&T asked them to.

Make mine a hammer