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New Sport: Stand-Up Paddle Skiing

Stand-up paddle boarding, for those who don't know, involves balancing upright on a thick, buoyant surfboard while using a one-sided paddle to propel yourself through the water, and even catch waves. "SUP" has been around for years, but is getting…

Jacket That Helps You Breathe in an Avalanche

The AvaJacket is a safety vest with a built-in mouthpiece. It's similar in concept to the AvaLung, which also helps filter fresher air from below, allowing the wearer to avoid breathing in his/her exhales. The difference with the AvaJacket…

Ski Mojo Personal Shock Absorbers

The "Ski Mojo" is a wearable shock absorber that cradles the upper thigh, alleviating some of the stress the comes from skiing. MedGadget has a snotty quote from a "wintersports editor" at The Times of London about how these sorts…