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Toshiba Unleashing Biggest Memory Card EVER

toshiba card.jpg


Some hyperbolic highlights from the press release:

world's first 64GB1 SDXC Memory Card... capable of operating at the world's fastest data transfer rate3 for reading and writing to a flash memory card... world's first memory cards compliant with

No Way I'll look This Cute When I Turn 35


Retro Floppy Flash Drive

floppy drive.jpg

[via Guaraná Rosa via Book of Joe]

Pogoplug turns USB hard drives into personal miniclouds


Engadget reviews the Pogoplug, a simple box that turns any USB hard drive into a networked device, accessible from even the wild yonder of the internet:

All-in-all, we like the Pogoplug a lot, but we do have a couple

Brando Segon: USB memory stick in the shape of system RAM


Brando brings their F-game to the "Segon Turbo Flash Drive", a memory stick in the shape of...memory. The "DDR RAM appearance" has an "environmental green shell" — plastic, surely.

Like nearly everything Brando makes, it's so dumb that …

Hand-cranked Fujitsu ME-P3M hard drive degausser


They're right outside the steel door, swinging, bashing, shouting. They found the line from the solar array, cut it right in two, even the second coil that was under six inches of concrete. One, maybe two minutes of light from …

Floating Media Drawer from West Elm


West Elm, sort of a slightly upscale IKEA variant from the same people who own Williams-Sonoma, sells these potentially handy "Floating Drawers" in three different veneers for $130. They're just a single drawer in a self-contained box, but they're simple, …

"Oh !*#%" flash drive looks like work of world's stupidest thief


It so transpires that a standard USB jack's sheath is large enough to contain plenty of memory–allowing for this amusing thumbdrive, complete with a trailing and torn cable.

Product Page [Worldwide Fred via Gearfuse]…

VelociRaptor the fastest hard drive in the Western Digital line


Western Digital is announcing a new line of high-end consumer hard drives today to supplant their "Raptor" line. The new SATA2 drives spin at 10,000 RPM and are available in sizes up to 300GB.

But what I am most tickled …

Datto 500 NAS stores your data off-site, too


Datto is selling this new NAS that continuously backs up your data to the company's off-site servers. If your NAS crashes hard, they'll overnight you a new unit with your last backup already installed. It'll cost you, of course: $25 …