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On Golden Prong: History of Storage Devices


You know we love the retro tech around these parts, so it is impossible to resist Royal Pingdom's collection of now-ancient computer storage technology, like this Selectron vacuum tube that could hold up to a full 512 bytes of …

Harddisc-Uhr: Best HDD Clock Yet


Unlike most DIY hard drive clocks which simply use the platters as a backdrop for a standard clock mechanism, the "Harddisc-Uhr" (dig that fancy font!) actually rotates the platter itself to change the hour, while using an arrow attached to …

Ornate Olinari Dog Tags with USB Drive Payload


These Sterling silver dog tags from Olinari, designed to conceal a tiny Sony-brand "MicroVault Tiny" USB key, are wretched-looking—designed, it seems, for mechanical musketeers, Swedish death metal bass players, and the Red Baron. But I can't resist the appeal of …