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On Golden Prong: History of Storage Devices

You know we love the retro tech around these parts, so it is impossible to resist Royal Pingdom's collection of now-ancient computer storage technology, like this Selectron vacuum tube that could hold up to a full 512 bytes of…

Harddisc-Uhr: Best HDD Clock Yet

Unlike most DIY hard drive clocks which simply use the platters as a backdrop for a standard clock mechanism, the "Harddisc-Uhr" (dig that fancy font!) actually rotates the platter itself to change the hour, while using an arrow attached to…

Ornate Olinari Dog Tags with USB Drive Payload

These Sterling silver dog tags from Olinari, designed to conceal a tiny Sony-brand "MicroVault Tiny" USB key, are wretched-looking—designed, it seems, for mechanical musketeers, Swedish death metal bass players, and the Red Baron. But I can't resist the appeal of…