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Smackdown: Ultra Mobile PCs vs. cheap subnotebooks


Chippy over at UMPC Portal lays out 10 reasons to pay extra for a UMPC – a fully-featured pocket-ish PC – instead of netbooks like the Asus Eee or the HP Mini-note. "We're all suckers for a bargain," he writes, …

MSI Wind subnotebook now shipping pre-orders; Linux, 6-cell battery version in September

Hot off the e-wire is an e-press e-release:

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – July 8, 2008 – MSI Computer, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, has begun shipping all the pre-ordered Wind U100 notebooks. The Wind, with

Acer subnote hits Europe


The Acer One hits Europe in three flavors, reports Fudzilla's Lars-Göran Nilsson, with up to 1GB of RAM, 8GB of flash or a 120GB hard drive, Linpus Linux or Windows XP, and a $500-ish price tag. Acer's entry in …

A short preview of the upcoming Dell mini-notebook


APC got a brief hands-on with the upcoming mini-notebook from Dell, currently nicknamed the "Inspiron Mini". Here are the salient bits:

• Ubuntu will probably be an option. (Perhaps the Netbook Remix?)

• Launching in August, probably.

• Late …

MSI to make Mobile Internet Device and skinnier Wind


It's simple, guys: UMPCs are tiny handheld computers with 5-7" screens that ostensibly may be put in a large pocket. Subnotebooks are larger machines with close-to-full-size QWERTY keyboards. There's overlap, sure but come now–it shouldn't be this difficult. But wait! …

Ars Technica looks at Ubuntu Netbook Remix (Verdict: excremental brown, but looking good!)


Pulling spaghetti strands of beta code from Canonical's source repository and tying the slippery ends together, Ars Technica has some impressions up of Ubuntu's new subnotebook optimized OS, Netbook Remix. The new tabs-like application switcher seems particularly righteous:

The other

Ubuntu Netbook Remix looks great


We somehow missed this in our gargantuan sub-notebook round-up, but Canonical officially announced their mini-notebook flavored version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, at yesterday's Computex Expo. Engadget has a gallery of screenshots, which is still wonderfully Ubuntu-esque while adding …

New Raon subnotebook nearly UMPC-small


Raon, maker of the bizarre but stout-looking Everun UMPC, has a more traditional follow-up coming, Spotted by Aving News at Computex, its latest has a 7" touchscreen, 1280x600 display, and AMD Turion CPU with twice the power of Intel's Atom …

Round up: Subnotebook madness!


Yesterday was a banner day for gadget fetishists enamored with the latest spurtings from the subnotebook news orifice. In the interest of not having to write separate posts on all of this crap, we offer a round-up of everything that …

Ubuntu moving into UMPCs and subnotebooks


In an interview with the Guardian, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth just came out and admitted that a version of the OS specifically aimed at Asus Eee devices was, indeed, in development:

TG: Will you be coming out with a tailored