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ASUS Eee vs. MSI Wind PC: PCMark Fight!

Rob and I have been keeping our eye on the Atom-based MSI Wind, waiting for reviews and hoping this is the subnotebook that finally gets us to drop our dough. At first blush, then, this comparison by Impress is not…

MSI Wind review: Te enamorarás! Yes, it's an Eee-killer

MSI's Wind is a 10" subnotebook coming soon in a $400 512MB linux version and a $550 1GB Windows XP version–you get Bluetooth and a 7-hour battery with the latter, explaining the price hike. The XP model is great, according…

MSI Wind becomes the $400 subnotebook to beat

MSI have just released pricing details for the Wind, and it's looking very good. Americans will get the 10" Wind on the 3rd of June, featuring a 1024x600 LCD, an 80GB HDD, a 1.3 megapixel webcam and a six-cell battery…

Laptop Mag rounds up the littl'uns for typing speed battle

HP Mini-Note vs. Eee PC vs 2Go PC: WPM Fight!
"Based on the average words per minute among our contestants, the HP Mini-Note easily conquered the Eee PC and the 2Go PC. Our typists produced an average of 53.25 wpm

Eee now comes in pink, blue and, yes, greeen.

Asus's EeePC 4G-X, arriving May 3 in Japan, will come in three lovely new colors. Spec-wise, unfortunately, it looks like the same old first-gen Eee, with 800x480 WVGA display, 4GB flash drive and up to 2GB of RAM. Pretty, though!…

Lenovo's IdeaPad U110 barges into arty high-end subnotebook party

Lenovo's IdeaPad U110 slips into an attractive but rarefied niche: the high-end, art-covered subnotebook. Occupying a space just below the popular 13.3-inchers like the MacBook, it's the Sony Vaio TZ's traditional turf – the newcomer's intricate etchings go toe to…

Codex of Liliputian subnotebooks

Spurting meconium, its severed umbilical cord wildly lashing around like an out of control fire hose, the Asus Eee was born: a tiny, albino, physically undeveloped premie, barely capable of processing its own operating system, unable to go without life…

Asus to offer bamboo subnotebooks this summer

Bamboo's all the rage today, with Asus announcing that its own lineup of wooden-cased computers will arrive in stores this summer. Digitimes, itself citing Apply Daily, reports that it'll put out subnotebooks in 11" and 12" sizes in…

Power On Self Test: Andy Ihnatko's Russian doll laptop pile

Photo page [Andy Ihnatko's photoset]…

Asus Eee PC gets bigger screen, drives

EeePC, how you thrill with your sleek, cheap, haven't-actually-bought-it-yet-but-will-I-promise mythos. If only you'd stop getting better, so I could convince myself that now is the time. With that 8.9" display crammed into the same form factor as the…