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ASUS Eee vs. MSI Wind PC: PCMark Fight!

Rob and I have been keeping our eye on the Atom-based MSI Wind, waiting for reviews and hoping this is the subnotebook that finally gets us to drop our dough. At first blush, then, this comparison by Impress is not … Continue reading

MSI Wind review: Te enamorarás! Yes, it’s an Eee-killer

MSI’s Wind is a 10″ subnotebook coming soon in a $400 512MB linux version and a $550 1GB Windows XP version–you get Bluetooth and a 7-hour battery with the latter, explaining the price hike. The XP model is great, according … Continue reading

MSI Wind becomes the $400 subnotebook to beat

MSI have just released pricing details for the Wind, and it’s looking very good. Americans will get the 10″ Wind on the 3rd of June, featuring a 1024×600 LCD, an 80GB HDD, a 1.3 megapixel webcam and a six-cell battery … Continue reading

Laptop Mag rounds up the littl’uns for typing speed battle

HP Mini-Note vs. Eee PC vs 2Go PC: WPM Fight! “Based on the average words per minute among our contestants, the HP Mini-Note easily conquered the Eee PC and the 2Go PC. Our typists produced an average of 53.25 wpm … Continue reading

Eee now comes in pink, blue and, yes, greeen.

Asus’s EeePC 4G-X, arriving May 3 in Japan, will come in three lovely new colors. Spec-wise, unfortunately, it looks like the same old first-gen Eee, with 800×480 WVGA display, 4GB flash drive and up to 2GB of RAM. Pretty, though! … Continue reading

Lenovo’s IdeaPad U110 barges into arty high-end subnotebook party

Lenovo’s IdeaPad U110 slips into an attractive but rarefied niche: the high-end, art-covered subnotebook. Occupying a space just below the popular 13.3-inchers like the MacBook, it’s the Sony Vaio TZ’s traditional turf – the newcomer’s intricate etchings go toe to … Continue reading

Codex of Liliputian subnotebooks

Spurting meconium, its severed umbilical cord wildly lashing around like an out of control fire hose, the Asus Eee was born: a tiny, albino, physically undeveloped premie, barely capable of processing its own operating system, unable to go without life … Continue reading

Asus to offer bamboo subnotebooks this summer

Bamboo’s all the rage today, with Asus announcing that its own lineup of wooden-cased computers will arrive in stores this summer. Digitimes, itself citing Apply Daily, reports that it’ll put out subnotebooks in 11″ and 12″ sizes in June, for … Continue reading

Power On Self Test: Andy Ihnatko’s Russian doll laptop pile

Photo page [Andy Ihnatko’s photoset]

Asus Eee PC gets bigger screen, drives

EeePC, how you thrill with your sleek, cheap, haven’t-actually-bought-it-yet-but-will-I-promise mythos. If only you’d stop getting better, so I could convince myself that now is the time. With that 8.9″ display crammed into the same form factor as the original, however, … Continue reading