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Target gift cards contain built-in digicam

It’s easy to get all sniffy about the specs of Target’s new digicam gift cards — 1.2 megapixels? 8MBs of onboard memory? The eyeroll of disdain underlined with a wipe of a mucousy nose with the back of the sleeve … Continue reading

Bandai Gun O’clock shooting target alarm clock

Even if I didn’t like the Bandai “Gun O’Clock” alarm clock — and I do, because I already wake each morning with a gun in hand just in case my dog has turned into a sexy female spy cowboy who … Continue reading

Target Selling Indie Games with Matching T-Shirts

Target, of all places, is selling a line of t-shirts that come bundled with indie PC games from the Experimental Gameplay Project. And according to Kevin Allen, Jr., they appear to be actually interesting little games, not schlocked together remixes … Continue reading

“N Range” Indoor Target Range

The “N Range” Shooting System is an indoor firing range, tastefully concealed in a wooden armoire. While the target is steel-backed to absorb any impact, the manufacturer requires the use of a custom round that is low noise, low smoke, … Continue reading

Target Dabbles in Refurbished Gadgets

Retailer Target has started selling refurbished goods from its web site, primarily iPods, game consoles (Gamecubes?), and flat-screen TVs. The deals on the iPods are pretty good—$180 for a 30GB iPod video (Gen 5)—but no better than the price of … Continue reading