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Six things you need to own to start climbing

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I strongly recommend rock climbing as routine exercise for geeks. Figuring out how to get up a route is very strategic in a puzzle game type of way, and you never have to lift more than your own weight. It …

Backpacking food taste-off


On a recent trip to Lover's Leap, a prime time climbing spot in South Lake Tahoe, my friends and I did a camping food taste test. Camping foods = dehydrated meals that come in resealable pouches that can be used …

Review: Climbing shoes

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The most important piece of equipment for rock climbing is your shoes. Climbing shoes are made with leather or synthetic uppers that leave virtually no wiggle room for your toes (they're not supposed to) and sticky rubber soles that basically …

Louis Vuitton's fancy Apollo-inspired trunk


Starting today, you can see this very schmancy Louis Vuitton trunk that has been custom-made for the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. …

"Southpaw nothing. I'll drop him in three."

Apollo Anniversary NYT Puzzles


The NY Times published a set of eight space-themed puzzles to commemorate the Moon landing. The answers will be published tomorrow.

Until then, good luck!…

So what happened to the original Apollo tapes, anyway?


Sure, it's awesome that NASA is restoring the footage they have of the Apollo 11 moon landing, but what really happened to the original slow-scan telemetry tapes that the highest resolution footage was recorded on? Rumors abound about them …

Motorola Tries Cashing in On Apollo


Does it seem shameless for Motorola to release an Apollo-themed phone that comes bundled with NASA video footage, pics and ringtones like "That's one small step for man..."?

Guess again.

Motorola famously supplied NASA, and specifically the Apollo program, with …

Moon Landing Pics: "Gee-Whiz" Afterthought


This is, perhaps, the most famous photo from the Apollo Moon landing. It was taken by Neil Armstrong, who shot most of the pics taken on the Lunar surface using a Hasselblad 500EL camera outfitted with a Zeiss Biogon f-5.6/60 …

New Rover is a Hi-Def TV Studio, Internet Node


Astrobotic Technology's prototype is scheduled to explore the Apollo landing site in 2011 &mdash and hopefully win the $25 million Google Lunar X Prize. Developed by Dr. William Whittaker, a roboticist at Carnegie Mellon, the solar-powered rover has been tweaked …