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Microsoft’s multi-touch Sphere plays crazy Pong

Microsoft’s touch-sensitive sphere is, at present, mostly just a stream of nonsensical marketing (“we wanted to explore collaborative actions” … “and you have this notion of pseudoprivacy”), but a couple of minutes in they finally get to putting cool stuff … Continue reading

Peggle for iPhone Confirmed

Among a mostly bullshit press release from Apple this morning about 100,000 copies of the iPhone SDK having made their way to developers’ computers, perhaps the most important announcement in mobile gaming since Dope Wars was ported to my old … Continue reading

Rumor: Apple Will Vet iPhone/Touch Applications

iLounge spoke to sources familiar with the upcoming iPhone/iPod Touch software development kit, who explained that not only would Apple be distributing all third-party applications through iTunes (bad enough) they’ll also be approving which applications are allowed to be sold … Continue reading

“Bar of Soap” Prototype Detects Intent from Your Touch (You Scoundrel)

Above, the “Bar of Soap” prototype device by Brandon Taylor, Stacie Slotnick, and Michael Bove, all working out of the MIT Media Lab. Its function is not to do anything, but to instead anticipate what you would want to do … Continue reading

PC-9801 Emulator for the iPod Touch

Although not exactly what I was expecting when I read “hentai games on the iPod Touch,” this hacked up NEC PC-98 emulator for the iPod is pretty impressive. Turns out the first game tested was a famous hentai game called … Continue reading

Nokia Shows Off iPhoneesque Touch Interface

Nokia has announced a new touch-based interface for their Series 60 (S60) smartphone OS to be implemented in future products from Nokia and other Symbian-based phones. It’s clearly in response to the iPhone, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Nokia … Continue reading

Video: LucidTouch “Transparent” Touch Screen Interface

A collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL), Microsoft Research, and the University of Toronto has produced this prototype “LucidTouch” interface, which puts the touch-sensitive input on the back of a display, along with a camera, allowing users to control … Continue reading

Confirmation: No Bluetooth in iPod Touch

An Apple spokesperson has confirmed to Boing Boing Gadgets that the upcoming iPod Touch does not include Bluetooth, despite rumors to the contrary today. An image had made the rounds earlier today—the corner with the purported Bluetooth icon in the … Continue reading