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Crazy makeup kits are the ultimate transformer gadgets


Multipurpose makeup kits like these have had flip tops, dual-sliding pieces, and hidden pop-up functions way before cell phones or cameras ever did.


color workshop.jpg

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From top to bottom: BR Double-Heart Make Up Kit; Malibu Glitz Make Up

Optimus Prime USB Speakers are more than meets the ears


If the horrendous Michael Bay movies haven't already sullied your love of Original Flavor™ Transformers, you'll be able to plop this Optimus Prime head that conceals USB speakers in its flapping ears for $50 in July. Except it's July right …

Transforming flashlight becomes Decepticon-like scorpion robot


A regular LED flashlight, infused with an Energon cube, becomes the most bitching torch ever. It not only transforms into a little anthropomorphic robot, but also a spider and Decepticon-style scorpion. $20, and I desperately want.

Transforming Flashlight [Meritline via …

"PlushieBots, roll out!" Mickey Mouse Transformer


This unpainted Optimus Mickey prototype won't ship until next year (although you can pre-order it for $44.99 now) but it's certainly pretty neat, even if it seems that Mickey's transforming action makes him less an Autobot than an auto-fellator.


Robot sneakers transform in four dimensions... even time!


Transformers sneakers would have gone over well with me as a kid, but even then I would have been honked off by transforming sneakers you couldn't actually wear. That was always the hidden promise of Transformers, after all: a …

Transforming Optimus Prime iPod dock! Squee!


For an 80's kid like me, Takara Tomy's transforming Optimus Prime iPod dock can't be described by words, only by phonemic abstractions meant to convey the most transcendental surges of consumerist joy. Words like SQUEE! and WOOBLEWOOP! But being an …

Optimus Prime Sculpted from Canned Goods


"Canstruction" holds competitions to create sculptures from canned food, then donates the food to shelters. Matt Boulton created this fine Optimus Prime out of canned goods and what appear to be foil baking trays.

Optimus Prime [Flickr via …

Stunning Transformers Bumblebee Papercraft


This amazing, articulated Bumblebee model (from the Transformers movie) is hand-crafted entirely from cardboard and paper salvaged from Japanese fast-food containers.

BUMBLE BEE With PAPER [] (Thanks, Captain Marvel!)…

Microscale LEGO Transformers: Exactly What Meets the Eye


While minifig scale is my preferred LEGO model size, I've always been impressed by competent microscale work. LEGO models are studies in implication to begin with, but at microscale even the shape and size of the connecting blocks becomes a …