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Review: Monster Turbine "In-Ear Speakers" (You may know them as "earbuds")


The Nut: If you like high-end earbuds, give the Monster Turbine a look. They're surprisingly good for the price. But for most, something in the $30-50 range will do just fine.

High-end earbuds like those from Etymotic, Shure, or …

Ricoh's wind- and solar-powered Times Square billboard


Ricoh will be installing this $3 million billboard in Times Square (7th and 42nd) that will be powered entirely by wind and solar. If there's not enough sun or wind, explains the Times, the 16 floodlamps that will shine …

Philippe Starck back with a designer consumer wind turbine


Designer Philippe Starck got a bit petulant last spring, looked back a lauded career in design and proclaimed it all "unnecessary." I've been known to traffic in those same fruitless feelings of hopelessness about gadgetry myself, cathartic as they may …

Video: Russian Tank with Fire-Fighting Water Turbines

From the description on the YouTube page: "The Hungarians replaced the turret from an old Russian tank with 2 turbines from a Mig 21. Water is injected in the exhaust, they throttle up and distinguish the fire."


Tesla CD Turbine vs. Pumpkin

Despite being cracked and losing air, Mr. Fix It Rick's Tesla CD Turbine was still able to be used to carve a pumpkin at speeds nearly as fast as those that could be reached with a knife. (But it's not …