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Photo: Array of UFO Shapes



Buzludzha, the abandoned UFO amphitheater of Bulgaria


[Artificial Owl via MicroKhan]…

UFO sculpture by Nemo Gould made of floor polisher, fake eyes and motor boat propellor


This phenomenal UFO sculpture by the fantastically named Nemo Gould makes an ungodly racket, but even more intriguing is its unorthodox list of building materials: "floor polisher, motor boat propellors, meat grinders, electric jack hammer, record player, massage machine, cordless

UFO Webcam looks like War of the Worlds Tripod appendage


This curious web cam with a built-in fan (presumably for cooling, as opposed to a simulated simoom-swept web cam coiffureage) and microphone tickles me, not just because of its curious Martian design — it looks exactly like the occular appendage …

FRED UFO humidifier uses patented extraterrestrial technology to prevent sloughing skin


After a summer spent banana hammocking around upon the black sand beaches of Santorini, it is important for me to keep my skin moist. Dry, it has a tendency to slough, which simply encourages Joel when he visits to …

Eletric kool-aid acid UFO terrorizes Poland


To hallucinogenically terrorize rectally-implanted rednecks, the Mulder brigade and David Icke, Peter Coffin has built a working UFO. He unleashed it in Poland, where it eerily floated across the skies, flashing 3000 individually controled LED nodules at the local, eye-rubbing …

The $12,000 UFO CD Player


Chinese company Shanling's CD-T300 Pro CD player has the bright LED display and fluorescent glow of a spinning UFO. It's neat looking. I dig it. sure, I don't really need a CD player much, but I'd put down fifty bucks …