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Spontaneous gadget generation amid mushroom rings in woods near Worthing, England.


When I was a kid, I found a TRS-80 Model 100, a motorcycle and a giant pig in a forest clearing.

My father and I used to roam the south downs, hills that sloped down to a chain of senescent …

Top 10 Worst Types of Blog Post (and how to fix them)

Anyone who writes will eventually be guilty of writing something bad. Most do so only incidentally, as a result of error or ignorance. It's a sin of professional writers, however, to be systematically bad.

Following are some of the worst …

Mad Men pitch the Kodak Carousel

There's few shows on television packing as much punch as AMC's Mad Men. On the surface of things, the concept couldn't be more dull: Madison Avenue advertising men pitching campaigns in the 60's. But Joel's pitch to me when …