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Video: Hack your VCR for fun and profit with a screwdriver and marshmallows

While I concede that the splash screen labelled "" might give you a mistaken impression, this video actually attempts to choke you with laughter. [via Neatorama] (Thanks, Marilyn!)…

The VCR is dead


After years of dogged resolve, JVC will stop producing standalone VCRs. And there you have it: the last spider crawling out of the eye socket of the skeletal and long-buried video cassette format. Oh, sure, we'll still see video cassettes: …

The Sony U-Matic Color Videocassette Recorder will cure cancer


According to this 1972 Life magazine ad for one of the first Sony VCRs, the Sony U-Matic will cut cancer mortality rates by 1/3rd. The rationale is wonderfully clueless on how the whole peer and FDA-approved medical system works.

From …

Woz, Empire, and a tale of early Apple copyright violation


Over on Modern Mechanix, commenter Rick Auricchio shares several anecdotes about the early days at Apple, including a little late night copyright violation by Sir Woz himself:

We used to line up a half-dozen of the VCRs and copy