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Verizon doesn't see a problem with bilking customers on pointless info messages


David Pogue started a campaign to get rid of the ridiculously long informational messages that cellular carriers force people to listen to when they hit a voicemail box. The purpose of these messages is to increase call charges.

Most carriers …

Verizon locks customers out of phone upgrades (Update: Freedom!)


Verizon is locking its own customers out of upgrades. From Gizmodo:

Here's something for our hefty "WTF, Verizon?" file: The BlackBerry Tour, soon to be Verizon's top phone, cannot be pre-ordered by existing customers under contract who want to

Verizon and AT&T defend thuggish text messaging prices

No collusion here, claim Verizon and AT&T, even though both carriers (as well as Sprint and T-Mobile) doubled the price to send a text message from 10 cents in 2006 to 20 cents in 2008.


But the general

A week with the Verizon MiFi personal hotspot (Verdict: The best 3G device yet)


Just a couple of days after getting the Verizon MiFi in the mail, my home internet service died. No matter—let's just hit the button on this little box and...hrm. Into the instruction manual, then.

Oh, you have to authorize it …

Pogue reviews the MiFi personal hotspot from Verizon

He's a'twitter, but I'm most interested in the pricing:

The MiFi gets its Internet signal the same way those cellular modems do -- in this case, from Verizon's excellent 3G (high-speed) cellular data network. If you just want to

Samsung Alias2, QWERTY phone with e-paper keys


The Samsung Alias2, soon to be on Verizon, uses what appears to be segmented e-paper to change the labels on its physical QWERTY keyboard. A neat solution to a problem that will eventually be solved with something like Apple's patent

New Jersey vs. Verizon

Verizon is being sued for deceptive marketing: free televisions it offered to new subscribers, never delivered. [Consumerist]…

How to opt-out of Verizon's personal info-sharing scheme


When you sign up with Verizon, it sends out a tiny-print leaflet to customers informing them (under the vague title above) that they'll share subscribers' personal information unless you explicitly opt out. It does not provide instructions on how to …

Verizon announces the Hub, the world's first paralyzed smartphone


It's been a good, long while since anyone has written a gadget blog post about a desktop phone, short of being in the crimson hue and classic shape of the 1966 Batphone. Still, Verizon's Hub/One looks impressive: a widgeted phone …

Verizon and AT&T provide cellular to Cindy McCain's ranch; So what?

The Washington Post examines the installation of mobile cellular towers — COWs, or "cellular on wheels" trucks — that extend wireless coverage to Cindy McCain's Sedona, Arizona ranch which has served as a getaway from presidential candidate John McCain.