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WipEout game too seizure-inducing; sadly redesigned


Surely I am not the only one to think, upon hearing news that the Playstation Network game WipEout HD is being retooled after failing tests that measure its ability to trigger epileptic seizure — "I really, really want to play …

Here is your prize: 365 days of free games


Madness. It's afflicted the staff of PC Gamer UK, who've assembled a stonking big "365 days of free games" hogpoddle* — one game for every day, all free, most indie, several quite sparkly. We wallow in an luxurious age …

Tap Tap Revenge bests Apple's own Remote for App Store top spot


Tapulous's Bart Decrem just excitedly AIMed me to point out that the company's first iPhone game, Tap Tap Revenge, is now the number one free application downloaded from the iTunes App Store, beating even Apple's own (excellent) Remote app. …

Nintendo MotionPlus adds gyroscope to Wiimote, extra cost to the full Wii experience

Above, awkward Nintendo executives (including heartthrob Bill Trinen) show off the capabilities of the new MotionPlus-enabled Wiimote in the upcoming game Wii Sports Resort.

The new "MotionPlus" addition to the Wii will allow real 1:1 3D control, facilitating the long-awaited …

Video: Sony fan apoplectic over Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360

"You have committed public sudoku in my mind."

There is much cursing in this fan video, which I dearly, dearly hope is a parody. If it is parody, the goblet full of milk is a masterstroke. [via Qt3]…

Modded Xbox 360 controller is better for first-person shooters


Foo Foo writes:

You may remember Microsoft saying they were going to redesign the 360 controller to make it more usable for first person shooters. Well to my knowledge this never came to market. So I decided to build my

Ex-EA exec founds iPhone gaming publisher 'Ngmoco'

When news that "longtime" Electronic Arts' employee Neil Young had left the videogame giant, there was little speculation about where he'd end up. It turns out he's formed his own new company, the gutturally named "Ngmoco," a mobile gaming …

Turn your Garmin Nüvi GPS into GLaDOS from Portal

An enterprising hacker has developed "GLaGPS", a voice pack for the Garmin Nüvi navigation system that replaces the stock turn-by-turn voice with that of GLaDOS from the hit videogame Portal. It's a free download. The creator is not liable …

Mid-life Crysis: HP Blackbird 002 "Exhilaration Edition"


Yesterday, HP squeezed a little marketing blood out of blogs — clearly the turnips of the online media world — as they announced an update to their flagship gaming PC, the HP Blackbird 002 "Exhilaration Edition". It's chock-a-block with the …

Video: Bioshock scenes reenacted, girl slapped

The new web series Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing is coming together nicely. Don't watch this unless you want Bioshock spoiled, though!

Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing: Episode Three [Destructoid]…