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Ballmer: 'Tide has really turned' against Apple


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Steve Ballmer identifies the difference between Windows PCs and Macs:

"The economy is helpful. Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment -- same piece of hardware -- paying $500 more to get

Free update to Windows 7 for Vista buyers after July 1st, 2009


Good news: if you're forced to buy a Windows Vista computer in the later half of the year, Microsoft will upgrade you for free to Windows 7, with versions syncing up (Home Premium to Home Premium, etc.) Bad news: it's …

How to install XP on a Sony Vaio P


No netbook should be running Vista. Period. Exclamation point. Dell Mini 9 smashed repeatedly into the bridge of Steve Ballmer's nose. And that even goes for the beefy-for-a-netbook-but-don't-call-it-a-netbook Sony Vaio P.

Luckily, the process of downgrading the Vaio P's built-in …

Windows 7 going down the Windows Vista path with multiple versions?


The latest beta of Windows 7 supposedly contains this scary little screen hinting at numerous packages of Microsoft's upcoming OS. There are fewer variations to confuse consumers than Windows Vista, let alone Rob's doomsaying parody... but come on, Microsoft. …

HP fury at Microsoft allowing Vista-Capable stickers on junk


When Microsoft lowered system requirements for the official "Vista Capable" imprimatur, HP got mad:

"I hope this incident isn't a foretaste of the relationship I will have with Microsoft going forward, but I can tell you that it's left a

Three ways to improve Windows 7


A level 14 half-Drow Paladin from Icewind Dale, Aric Annea rover at Amazon's End User blog has put together a list of three features Microsoft could introduce to Windows 7 to reverse Vista's Charybdis-like coriolis of suckage.

Given Vista's problems, …

Russia's wide and scenic Vistas


Window Vista Ad [English Russia via Crunch]…

Vanity Fair asks advertising agencies about Microsoft's Seinfeld campaign

Confronting a gaggle of advertising experts with the befuddling Seinfeld Windows Vista campaign and asking them what they think, Vanity Fair has posted the responses in ironic, old-school, Windows XP error boxes.

Needless to say, some hack whipped out the …

Microsoft's "I'm a PC" ad

After two ads, Microsoft has dragged Jerry Seinfeld behind the shed. What happened back there, no one knows, but sources say that there was the recitation of a mildly amusing nasal monologue ( "Say, what's the deal with hog slaughtering …

The Mojave Experiment

By now you've all heard of the latest push in Microsoft's dead-serious Vista "re-education" campaign. Basically, they took 22 people who had never used Vista and showed them a prototype of the next Windows version, codenamed Mojave... which was really …